Airbus is making bunk beds in jet cargo holds


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If it allows me some personal space where I don’t have to sit beside crying kids or folks that smell funny, I’m all for it.


This would be a boon to those susceptible to problems problems like DVT. North America to Australia in an ordinary airliner is out of the question for those people.


I love the idea, but for some reason the photo puts a sort of flying “The Shining” hotel in my mind. . .


Way less tacky decor, but I agree ‘the vibe’ is the same.


I love the idea, although the density in that photo suggests that this won’t be an option for mere mortals.


A plain old shelf with books on it?!?!?!?! Don’t be walking by when the flight hits some turbulence!


I just can’t sleep sitting up, no matter what I try. Any flight longer than 6 hours feels like total hell for me. I would definitely pay a premium for a bunkbed.

Not that we’ll see that in the U.S., where airline competition has been swirling the monopoly drain steadily for decades. I’d expect to see semi-standing coach seats long before I saw reasonably priced beds on a plane.


Are the beds more comfortable than Airbus seats? At this point I make sure I fly on airlines that use Boeing planes because I find the Airbus seats completely uncomfortable because they have the opposite of lumbar support.


I’ll bet these look much less luxurious when there are people in them…more lie a barracks or a youth hostel than the super luxurious accommodations that you’d expect at that price point.


I got more of a cryosleep pod feel from it.


Is the hold pressurized?


Yes, all holds on passenger planes are pressurized - the floor would not be able to support the pressure differential. It’s usually quite a bit colder in the hold than the passenger cabin (but substantially warmer than outside).

Lufthansa has used this approach for crew rest ares on A340s for some time - it’s a pod that loads into the hold space in the same way as luggage pods.


Will they be renting them on AirbusBNB?


Hopefully, the bedding will be changed out between each use… that way people don’t climb into each others’ stink.




That’s a lot more cramped than you would think. The height of the A330 cargo hold is 171cm or 5 foot 7 inches. Lots of people, maybe most, can’t stand upright in the holds.


“Mr. Rhod, you are going to have to assume your individual position.”


I actually read it as AirBnB at first and wondered why they were putting things into planes.


Yeah, then there’s that legitimate concern.