Humorist shares AI dream image rejects

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I read James Lileks’ blog daily for years and years, but at some point in the aughts some of his posts started being a little right wingy for my tastes so I eventually stopped reading it. Which was too bad because I thought he was really funny and smart. Was the right wing stuff just a phase? Is it worth picking up again?

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Interesting- the robot arm in the cover photo is a RadioShack Armatron! What fun that thing was. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


I too have noticed a whiff of “rightness” in his Bleat, which is fine. It’s never political, merely cultural, and never strident. I still read it as cleverly written and from a Midwesterner’s common sense perspective. Kind of like your favorite witty brother-in-law from Minnesota whom you really want at the Thanksgiving table.


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