Hundreds of angry cheese enthusiasts


Christmas. Merry.


Obligatory Python


I was going to be quite surprised if this turned out to be in Wisconsin. The word “angry” would more likely be “delighted,” and it wouldn’t be newsworthy.


I wanted to make a joke asking what “angry cheese” tastes like, but I figure I’m over my quota for cheesy puns for the moment.


Many disappointed foodies have since targeted the Facebook event page with cheese puns and angry messages.



What is it about cheese based food festivals?


Foodie riot aside…


True fact: John Cleese’s real name is John Cheese.


By gum, @nimelennar, that level of (double) pun is surely punishable by shackled detention!


Same reason you have funny dreams after eating cheese late at night. It’s alien food that causes disruption. (It’s from the moon, natch)



There is a lot I can eat. But I can’t eat that.

There is so much more to the world of cheese than we are aware of on a day to day basis.

Imagine actually making cheese every day!

I especially like the way Wallace, from Wallace and Gromett, pronounces the word “cheese”.


But what cheese is made backwards? Eh? etc. etc.


Yes, we Camembert any more.



Don’t mind if I do. But first, what’s the name of the damn cheese?!?


Again, the problem appears to be that these events are not being held in Wisconsin. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I never really enjoy “foodie” events anyway, too many rude people, incredibly long lines for stuff I can buy any day.

This goes the same for beer festivals, with the exception being the WABL cask fest, which is smaller and brings in just the right sort (especially since we avoid the bro-ier crowd by going with the day drinkers.)


Cheese! I just found a webpage with a video on making a pretzel and cheese house rather than a gingerbread house.


And, are you going to share such a wonder with us?


I had to go back through my feed on facebook to find it. Turns out it’s from buzzfeed.