Cheese is the chameleon of the food world


I can’t do sound-only podcasts, so I don’t know how the development of harder cheeses was covered in this story. For the record: hard cheeses are significantly easier than soft ones for a lactose-intolerant person to digest, as well as being much longer lasting without refrigeration.

The thing I want to know about cheese is this:

Have they managed to work out why so many chefs and restaurants feel the burning need to add it to dishes without announcing the fact on the menu? I realise that as someone who doesn’t like any form of cheese. (No, not even that sort. Please stop doing this) I’m something of a minority, and I’m happy just to avoid ordering it. Which I would, if you would tell me where it is so that I can do this.

rant over.


oh shit, people aren’t catering to that bizarre quirk no one else has and you didn’t bother telling them about!


Assuming you don’t eat lizards. Otherwise the chameleon is the chameleon of the food world.


It’s posted via soundcloud, not apple and embedded in the browser, you should be able to listen to that no problem.

Some people can’t do sound-only podcasts because they are deaf or hard of hearing, not because of browser issues. (Not sure if this is the case for @chgoliz but just noting the possibility.)


Still working on my first cup of coffee at my desk…

I like to eat chameleon, but it’s so hard to find these days.


When traveling in Asia, I often find myself thinking “WTF! How can you eat that? Who first saw that said ‘I gotta put some of that in my mouth?’” Then I realize: I eat cheese and STFU.


Tastes like chicken, doesn’t it?

Do you mean that lump of cheese is actually two women with body paint laying on top of each other?


Anyone want a thread on how to make cheese? Its only the most infuriating hobby in the world.


Thanks, but I can’t listen to info without having a visual to get clues from. It’s an auditory processing issue. I watch TV with the closed captions on, despite being able to hear perfectly well, if that gives you some idea of what the issue is for me.

edited to add: thanks @Brainspore for listing one possible reason. As I’ve said above, in my case my ears hear fine…it’s my brain that doesn’t “hear” so well.


… I kinda do?

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One thing I’ve noticed, on my occasional trip to the US, is how often cheese arrives unexpectedly on a meal I have ordered.

Unexpectedly not just because it was not mentioned in the description of the dish, but also arriving on dishes that I would not associate with cheese.

I’ve often suspected some sort of Cheese Laundering operation was going on. I love cheese.

It’s shredded cheese on salads that throws me every time I’m in the US. I keep forgetting that it’s standard there.

So do I, and my fellow Americans. We’re the sort who like to say “This is pretty good. Let’s consume it to the point that we’re disgusted by the sight of it.”

Then we execute that plan flawlessly.


Yeah, that’s the standard salad where I live, in a small town in the midwest:
iceberg lettuce
1 or 2 slices of cucumber
1 or 2 cherry tomatoes
shredded cheese
huge croutons
bacon bits, or possibly Bac-O thingies
ranch dressing, or some abominably sweet “vinaigrette” that has no vinegar taste

It’s almost not a salad, and I’ve given up on them. I’m a huge fan of cheese, but not on salads.

That’s ‘cheese’.

Did you know James L. Kraft was Canadian?