Cheese expert asked to guess which cheese is more expensive


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Trick question - the cheese was never pensive in the first place!


I’ll save everyone time: She gets them all correct, and so would you just by looking at them.


Is it just me or did anyone else find the compared cheeses too different? Couldn’t they at least have compared similar ages?



I’m eating cheese right now.


I was guessing that without even watching, because if she didn’t, headline would have been “Cheese expert unable to tell cheap cheese from ‘gourmet’ cheese that costs 25x more”


Any French school kid could’ve done as well (without the comments and explanations, though. That would’ve been any French teen.)


Why French?
There weren’t any French cheeses represented.

Except, come to think of it, maybe the double cream.


While it was pretty easy to guess just by looking, she brought a lot more knowledge to the game besides just picking A or B. This was a good video, and I liked her a lot. I do wish they had identified the cheeses.


This! What made the video good was her explanations of not only why the cheese was more expensive, but why it mattered that it was produced that way. Great video!


Age might factor into the price… and price was being judged, so…



Ever try a triple brie? Mmmm. Undeniably bovine… yet charmingly impudent.



I really wish that there wasn’t an assumption that more expensive cheeses are always better or that the less expensive cheeses are always lacking.

For instance, the Feta cheeses shown. She seemed to enjoy the American Feta more. And there is a good reason why the Greek Feta is more expensive. And to limit yourself to never trying the Greek Feta cheese would be to deprive yourself of a wondrous experience - but there are times when the less salty, drier American feta is better for the dish.

And cheddars… the number of times that I have been disappointed with more expenaive, single creamery cheddar style cheeses that have not been as good as other cheddars that are less expensive…


Today was a Feta Brinza, very delicious with my pita bread.


Nice try. If you want me to watch your “Guess Which Cheese Is More Expensive” game show pilot, you’ll have to make it significantly shorter than 11 minutes.


just by looking at them.


didn’t notice cheddar in the video. Perhaps they don’t get much call for it around there.


There is always room for cheddar in our household. It’s practically a religion- only New York white cheddar, aged at least 18 months is allowed through the door. Living in Oregon ,however, we have resorted to the local Tillamook white cheddar.


How is the Tillamook btw? I’m planning a West Coast road trip next year and plan on stopping at their factory.