Hundreds of blackbirds mysteriously fell from New Jersey sky


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More than 20,000 dead fish mysteriously washed up in Nova Scotia

You were only waiting for this moment to arrive.


Beware of low priced BlackBird Pies.


Aw man, I was going to make a reference to that.

Used to go fishing in various ponds in Kansas and these guys were EVERYWHERE.


Natural selection. The smart ones will stay the hell outta Joisey.


These birds are crazy aggressive.


They had just found out that Chris Christie was back in the state again.




Obviously, they are warning us that the Earth’s magnetic field is going wonky. It’s absolutely the only explanation.


No, no, no. The iron core has stopped spinning, and the magnetic field is going to collapse entirely. That is obviously the only explanation.


Remember this?


“Everbody hates 'Joisey, but somebody’s gotta live there!”


Listen here, you lily livered nincompoop! My reasoning, to use a word, is clearly based on solid ignorance and fear! It surely trumps whatever it is you were doing.



“Time for some bird problems in Cumberland County.”


Why “beware”? 8 people were lucky to get blackbird pies at a great price! IU only hope they used their BB affiliate link.


Some not-so-stealthy bombing, it would seem?


Swamp gas?


I swear it wasn’t me, I’m not even at home this week.


“He who smelt it, dealt it.”