"The current [insect] extinction crisis is deeply worrisome," say experts

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All my so-called liberal neighbors have their dirty little secret: the bottle of Roundup stashed out of sight. And even my neighbor the biologist uproots his dandelions every summer. If you are guilty of either of these, shame on you.

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Nothing will be done until the price of fruits and vegetables triples.


“Nonsense” said the lobbyist* for RAID/OFF, “if you allow any bugs to live outside, then mosquitoes will rule the world!”

*said lobbyist is, of course, a cockroach


And then there will be outcry that the poor cannot afford healthy food (still) and then … nothing will be done.


Maybe the hive intelligence of all Earth’s insects has predicted something really bad about to happen, and its member clades are packing up to leave.

I expect a final message of “So long, and thanks for all the grain”, chewed in our lawns, to appear any day now.


EPA needs a bug Czar

My wife: Will you please go mow the lawn and pick up those branches you cut off the trees in the fall to prevent power outages this winter?!?!

Me: Can’t. Saving bugs.


We do neither of those things, but our herd of poultry is downright voracious. In fact, we purchase dried mealworms in stupid quantities, which the wild bird community around here seems rather grateful for. Hopefully it’s a wash, ethically speaking.

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Get your filthy gatekeeping off my lawn

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Sorry insects. We’ve got our own problem here.


If the dandelions aren’t to “polluted” I rather enjoy the greens and they’re very good for you. So yeah, keep the poison away from them and enjoy them mixed in your salads for spicy, bitter zing.

What is that creature?

I first thought it was a bed bug, but then realized it’s a luna-tick.

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