911 call from NJ postmaster: "I have a carrier that's being attacked by wild turkeys"

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Get’s pretty strange after that.


Just more of Ben Franklin’s acolytes venting their frustrations on innocent employees of the federal government.


Came to post exactly that.

“As God is my witness, I thought turkeys could fly.”


Could be worse. I’ve known a couple of mail carriers who were regularly full of Wild Turkey.


They ain’t small, and maybe that’s intimidating?

And, they can sort of fly, enough to jump and flap their wings enough to get over a fence. It is not graceful.


Wild turkeys can fly. They just don’t like to unless they have to. Domestic turkeys generally are too heavy.

A few days after thanks giving I saw 3 on the side of the road, and several more in the woods behind them. When I stopped to take a pick, one came up to my car nearly close enough I could have taken him home…


I’ve never seen them fly, just the flapping squawking hilarity of a row of birds going over a barbed wire fence. They are pretty graceful!

But the funniest part of that video is the cat, which as FEELINGS that need to be expressed. Ha!

Cat? I didn’t watch the whole thing, where was that?

Turkeys are just below Ostriches and Emus in the huge jerk line.

Also there are more than a few videos of Police being attacked by turkeys. Nature’s Gangsters.


It was meowing off and on, and it’s shown walking around at about 3:45.

Now I am really confused, the video I showed is only 3:24 long…

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No joke. Turkeys have big claws, and travel in packs.

Having run across flocks in the wild, I would not want to mess with them.

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My script blocker / flash blocker won’t show videos in this browser, so I copy/pasted into a different one. I guess I might not be looking at the same video:

Yep, different turkeys, different video (different circus, different monkeys?)

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Hah - weird. That is a different one. A better one actually. But yes, it illustrates they can fly. And the cat is cute.

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♬Jive turkeys in flight
Afternoon delight ♪


There’s a state park where we like to go hiking and we see a lot of wild turkeys cruising around. My assumption is that the dead ones we find are the slower ones. We get pretty far in on foot doing 8 to 12 mile loops, so it’s quiet.
They are VERY big, though they avoid contact with people.

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Fun Fact: a group of turkeys is known as a congress.

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I heard about a really interesting way to deal with aggressive turkeys


I had no idea the Trystero were employing turkeys now. Fiendishly clever!

We Await Silent Tristero’s Empire.