Hunter Moore arrested


Hilariously, the last tweet in his twitter feed right now?

@justinbieber I'm comin to bust you out lil nigga

— Hunter Moore (@Huntermoore) January 23, 2014
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efing finally


Fantastic news. The guy is an unmitigated scumbag.

Shame they can’t actually prosecute him directly for the revenge porn side of things, but if they can get him on all the hacking related charges it’ll be a good day.


I know that jokes about prison rape are never cool. But man, I really have to hold myself back not to make one right now.


I’m not an expert being-an-awful-person specialist; but I’d think that an important part of a plan that you know will have people everywhere gunning for you is strictly avoiding providing them with actual legal ammunition…


The only thing that could ruin this moment for me is if Shia LaBeouf announced he would be starring and directing in a biopic about Hunter.

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Which would turn out to just be the script to Goodfellas with the names changed.


Well, it’s a start.

Hey, Hunter Moore -

Suck shit, douchebag.

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