Police union threatens "surprise" for Quentin Tarantino

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Is it bad that I’m totally not surprised by this behavior?

On a related note: when people are “in police custody,” the police are, by definition, theses peoples’ custodians. Being someone’s custodian comes with all the responsibility. I mean, police literally take away the ability of a person to make their own choices- and so all of that responsibility must shift to the police. So when someone dies in their custody, how can the responsibility lie anywhere else?
Aren’t those death, by the very definition of the word “custody” the police’s responsibility?


So police protection is only for people who say no police ever committed a crime? Down that road lies a very bad place.


Indeed. Assuming, of course, we’re not already in a similar bad place already.

Are the police not able to distinguish between fiction and reality? As in: Tarantino has never actually killed a person, but police have.


I don’t think his movies are the point - I think Tarantino has come out in support of BLM. And, as we all know, that’s the same thing as “kill whitey.”

Somebody needs to publicly ask the Executive Director if cops now only protect people who say that Black lives don’t matter. Ask him if he has t-shirts and bumper stickers for sale.


“Something is in the works, but the element of surprise is the most important element,”

That’s exactly what you’d expect hear from a juvenile simpleton.


Or a protection racketeer


SOME deaths in police custody are 100% murders. This is long established fact.


I get that he’s calling for a boycott, but what a creepy, awful way to introduce it. Thanks for proving peoples’ points about the cops, man.


Jesus, between the hissy fit over Bill de Blasio and this, police unions seem hell-bent on demonstrating that they are clown cars of the first order.


This reminds me when Ice-T released Cop Killer, and then later pulled it off the album because of the threats he received. Threats by police officers.


I think the label (Warner Brothers) pulled it, not Ice-T.


I remember an interview with him at the time, where he discussed it was ultimately his decision. He also discussed the death threats, etc, that he was getting. It was a long time ago, but I remember his explanation that it was cops that were behaving this way. I was in my early twenties, and it blew me away that cops would threaten someone over a stupid song with death threats.

YMMV, I am old, and prone to memory lapses.


I Have Never Seen Any Of Tarantino’s Movies, But I Have To Say, The Way The Police Are Threatening Him, The Movie & Moviegoers! Makes Me Look A lot Closer At Our Police, As A National Threat On American Soil, Which Needs & Will Be Taken Of By The People, Like Tarantino & Those Who Stand Amongst Him. I Will Show My Support To Mr. Tarantino & All The Others, By Taking My Family & Friends To Go Watch His Newest Movie “The Hateful Eight”, At Least Eight Times:)


I’m surprised - but only the the obviousness of the utter thugishness on display by the police unions. I mean, really - there’s only a couple options as to their thinking here. Either they don’t accept that any police officer commits abuses and murder (which seems factually impossible) and they see anyone who dares to assert otherwise as launching vicious attacks at them - and worth a thuggish attack as response, or they accept that police abuse and murder is true - and even think it’s a good thing - and are going to destroy anyone who opposes this reign of police brutality.


We’ve always been at war with Dunkin’ Donuts.


Ah! I though it was just the label, but maybe it was both?

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“Something is in the works, but the element of surprise is the most important element,”

That sounds like a threat. Shouldn’t they be reported to the police?


Well, by definition, a murder is an illegal killing. So since the worst most cops get is desk duty till the heat dies down, they aren’t murderers.


I’m sick of this. Terrorist treats from the police can not be tolerated. We need less police and more civil society.

1. Decriminalize the vast drug laws.
Treat, don’t incarcerate.

2. Layoff police.
We will need less of them.

3. Remove powers and add controls.
The solution to too much power and lack of discipline is less power and more control.

4. Begin amnesty and decriminalize people subject to cruel and unusual punishment
These people never deserved to be in jail. They deserve dignity and freedom from this laws that violate basic human justice.