Not one Boston cop volunteers to wear a bodycam


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Not even one good apple?




If I had to guess, maybe there are cops who would be happy to wear one, but are worried what the other cops would think about them if they did? I only have the stereotypes of US cop tv shows to base this notion on of course, so who knows?


Well, the local police recently protested a Black Lives Matter banner that’s hung on City Hall for almost a year, so it’s not too surprising. Boston cops are sorta… stereotypical.


What about TSG, aka those British cops who illegally remove all identifying information from their uniform before beating the crap out of protestors?

Our cops aren’t good at this either.


And why would they? The job is hard enough without spending an extra couple of hours in the makeup chair every morning!

If this is so important, just have the cops hand out cameras to unarmed black teenagers before they shoot them.


The actual ‘protest’ turned out to be not very much. And apparently, a pro-BLM gathering was planned for the same day, and being Somerville, the protesters and counter-protesters ended up just hanging out and chatting over lattes and pricey artisanal donuts.


Seems like you’d be able to get at least one or two of the younger, more athletic recruits on board just by saying “Free GoPro!!”


Omertà seems to be a general issue with law enforcement and is not restricted to the US. It is *incredible* rare to read about officers testifying against officers, and I see no major differences between countries.


They were already offering $500 to volunteers.


What about them? and what does that have to do with my post?


It would be surprising for anyone to want to be under video surveillance every moment they are at work.

And this must have come up at the officers’ union meetings, at some point over the last few years, right?

majority + solidarity = unanimity ?


Nothing quells protests like a few bacon-covered Union Square Donuts and a latte from Three Little Figs.


it’s not limited to the police either, prosecutors, who work with these guys day-to-day, don’t want to prosecute them either. maybe independant prosecutors should be assigned to cases involving police?


Is that really volunteering, then?


Or give them a new title, like X-Treme Cop! Or tell them the lens is a fish eye.


That’s why Boston is so special. Even our protests are artisanal.


A silver lining is that if a few had volunteered, they’d likely have been open to doing so because they lacked fear of reprisal for their actions. Since nobody has volunteered, we don’t have a self-selected set of officers.


Strange that people might not want to be watched every second of the day while working. From the point of view of an Officer all this does is open every action and word up for scrutiny and complaint. A simple utterance of “Fuck” during the work day could now result in a corrective action. I understand the reasoning behind the body cameras, but I think it’s crazy to think that anyone would be happy having every aspect of their day recorded for analysis and scrutiny.