Hunters in Washington state arrested for chasing and shooting at two Australian firefighters


Now we have less-measured NPR headline with the opposite bent:
No, Hunters Did Not Open Fire on Australian Firefighters In Washington State


So in this case, it seems like a misunderstanding, followed by some exaggerations by The Age. The morons who were hunting were inside an area they were not supposed to be, and likely did not even know the firefighters were downrange.
But news coverage tends to focus people’s attention on incidents that are often very rare, and make them seem common. Popular films enhance that impression.
Many Americans think of Australia as a place where gangs of violent bondage enthusiasts roam the countryside in modified cars and motorcycles, and the areas farther away from the roads are filled with dangerous reptiles, spiders, jellyfish, and giant killer sharks. It is an inaccurate impression, of course. Except for the spiders.
Nobody is going to publish a news article about everyone having a nice day and getting along wonderfully, which is probably the more likely description for most places and people.


Not if Australia wins.


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