Hurricane Aletta: 2018's first major Pacific storm already Category 4, no threat to land... yet


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And the Pacific hurricane season is off to a running start. The projections this year were for a ‘normal to slightly above normal’ hurricane season, with 4-6 hurricanes in the Pacific basin between Mexico and Hawaii. As long as the hurricanes stay where they don’t harm anyone, that’s fine.


Double take. Checked the spelling. Not named after an upcoming film. I was wondering if product placement had reached a new nadir.

I hope it fizzles out quietly somewhere.


Hey, just because you don’t like anime is no reason to hope a live-action film based it flops.


This is just a bit too reminiscent of Patricia back in 2015. Has the template for northeastern Pacific hurricanes changed?


I wish that BB had a “Super Like” button, maybe usable once per member per day. You’d have got my one.


“I’ll take Side Effects of Global Warming, Pat!”

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