Hurts Like a Mother – An illustrated parody of Edward Gorey's The Gashlycrumb Tinies

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Why do we need a parody Edward Gorey book for adults, when he already wrote a great book for adults, The Curious Sofa?

This was a great find when I was nine. Then I discovered that years before my parents and their friends had even made their own version of it, with photographs.

I am a huge Gorey fan, and my wife has been nice enough to have a number of my books signed by him, back when that was a possibility. I have the “Tinies” in signed book and poster form. One of my favorite things ever. Also “The Beastly Baby”, which I used to read to our toddlers.


Why is this book? It completely misses the point of the Gashleycrumb Tinies.


I was going to comment that Hurts Like a Mother could not be a parody of The Gashlycrumb Tinies, since Gorey’s book itself is parody of abecedarian picture books, but then I read that parody can be imitation without making fun of the original.

Still, in the way that we generally use “parody” nowadays, the usage here seems a little off. Perhaps “homage” would be more appropriate.


“Parody” in the sense of “made completely lame and safe for suburban moms.”

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At the very least, the captions should rhyme.

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