Husky would prefer not to yield passenger seat


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He called “frontisies” fair and square.


still gotta come up with the right tonal rep


Right? Plus, one relinquishes dibs when one leaves the car.


Snow dog needs the most AC. Get him a proper sling, and let him have shotgun.


don’t know about you, but I can clearly hear him calling shotgun.


So… Did it get in the back?


“I would prefer not to.”

  • names dog Zeus
  • dog acts like the center of the universe

really makes you think.


its cute and (probably) harmless, but dogs aren’t humans (or human babies) and this looks like a challenge to your dominance…and w/ a big dog especially you need to check that. sorry - I know we all like to treat dogs like little people but they aren’t.


Is this really worth arguing over? Get in the goddamn back, lady! Damn.


Even if the dog isn’t specifically challenging for dominance it’s definitely a behavior that needs to be responsibly checked. Some dogs can be particularly stubborn and letting them have their way can cause further problems down the line if they can repeatedly get away with it.
A lot of behaviors people find cute about their pets can be problematic if unaddressed, this is usually more common with small dogs though.


My interpretation is that the person trying to order the dog in back is not part of the household, so that seat belongs to the dog fair and square.


I treat my dog like a little stupid person who is on a severely restricted diet and will do their best to kill themselves or others if not appropriately supervised. Helps that he’s itty bitty.


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