Ultimate dog betrayal caught on camera

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Cute, but yeah, just as a dog shouldn’t be lifted by the front legs, this could get painful.


I wish my beagle would stay in the passenger seat. He gets all up in my lap and makes it hard to drive.

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Train him. You don’t want him hurt, do you? They also make a way to attach them to a seat belt.


Enough with the mansplaining.


We live in a cold, cruel, fucked-up world.

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Ultimate dog betrayal

Wait for it.

Here I thought the dog would jump out before the window got too high, thus betraying the conceit that humans are in control.

Stuff like this is exactly why dogs love to piss on car tires/chew up stuff/barf on carpets…They remember being screwed with


Also, please be responsible owners, harness your dogs. It’s safer for you and them.

Apologize in advance for those who consider this concern trolling. You may well be right, but seems worth it to me to say.

Gonna go down in history with Tubby and Laika!

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