Hydraulic press vs. Coke


Originally published at: https://boingboing.net/2017/09/12/splosh.html




I am a bit disappointed it isn’t from this guy


I think I saw the face of god in the sphere that formed just before it exploded.


Better than drinking it.

Low bar, I know.


That was very satisfying. Thank you.


Surprising how far it deformed without bursting.


I was just thinking about that. I have a soda making system that suggests not pressurizing to over 30PSI, but now I feel like that might have just a little wiggle room built in.


I liked it when David Letterman was doing things like this. They crushed various items in a massive press, answering viewer requests. Someone asked to see a package of cigarettes crushed, so they put a crush proof pack in and it pressed down fully. Then we saw the press open up and darn if the pack wasn’t just fine. The camera never lies!


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