Watch this hydraulic press crush a computer power bank


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Huh. How’d they manage it on Will It Blend without pyrotechnics?


Every Monday morning, his boss arrives at the shop, ponders the strange chemical smell for a second, and then walks past the hydraulic press, pauses, looks back at the press, shrugs his shoulders and makes his way to the office.


The day the Hydraulic Press Channel went meta.


This guy is one of the best things on the internet EVER.


Fire and fury like the world has never seen, pocket edition.


That’s a weird fetish.


This guy is teh awesome!


For god’s sake don’t ever let TSA see this video or no one is ever getting on a plane with anything that has any sort of battery in it ever. “You there, you with the pacemaker! UP against the wall JIhadist! We know what you plan to do.”

(Just in case AL Qaeda smuggles a hydraulic press and some battery packs on board.)


Is that a hydraulic press in your pocket or are you just …

Oh, never mind.


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