Watching a hydraulic press crush 1,500 sheets of paper is oddly soothing


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oddly soothing

And very satisfying.


Trump, the press, the USA, the paper


He seems to be a person fairly easily amused…I wonder if he reads condensed books?


Here’s one crushing 1500 pounds of paper.

That’s 1,500 sheets, not pounds.


What a waste of good paper.


This guys videos are some of the greatest examples of why the internet is awesome.


OK, so, according to Boing Boing, I’m a wasteful monster if I wipe my ass with toilet paper instead of squirting it with a cheap gadget, but pandering for YouTube views by using a hydraulic press to gratuitously destroy in mere moments more paper than most people use to wipe their ass in an entire year is totally awesome? That’s some rank hypocrisy.


I think the real message here is to keep your ass away from active hydraulic presses. At least it was for me, but I tend to be skittish.


So what you’re saying is, please don’t squeeze the Charmin.


I’ve got to sample one of his many “what the fock!” statements.

I think I could use it about 50 times a day at work.


funny, it sounds like you’re saying/ name calling ‘monster’, and then saying other people are saying it - about you?

That kind of shit is TOTALLY human.


You didn’t hear what it said about you? Said you were a monster. This is not good paper. :wink:


Then it got what it deserved!


It’s the play-by-play in exuberant, colorful, English that make these videos truly entertaining.


Disappointed, are you?


From now on, I shall be referring to bits of string as Finnish remote control.



exasperating, though.


“Very interesting to see if this explode also.” Should be my motto.

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