Hysterical video of a police dog trying to walk in his new winter boots

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That dog is clearly doing a Scooby Doo impression. And rather well, too.


too big, video needs to be letterboxed a few more times :roll_eyes:

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I have been on this earth many years. I’ve seen many dogs run around in the snow. I have never seen a single one display any sign whatsoever that he/she needed snow boots. WTF?

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Every cat who ever stepped on a piece of tape :smiley_cat:


In many places, the salt / grit / other chemicals used on sidewalks in snowy weather is harmful to doggos’ little nude feet. Also, snow at 1°C is a different proposition to snow at -25°C.


…who post this sort of stuff for PR purposes. It’s copaganda, designed to make you forget about the dead kids and brutalised victims.


Funny him prancing around like that.

Dog’s cute too.


There’s a 12 second pause in the struggle where we get to see a dog attempt to figure all this out. He fails but remains adorable

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Perhaps part of the the orientation should have been to take him out to the snow.

Maybe after a few steps, he’d be like, “Oh, now I get it.”

I hope the person who recorded the video was brought up on charges.

He is fine when he doesn’t think about it. Then he remembers he is wearing booties and gets all awkward.

Mine doesn’t mind the cold, she minds the “my paws are sticking to the pavement” freezing effing cold.

She did the same dance though when we put booties on her.


That is largely true of the police use of dogs and horses generally (excluding the purely sniffing kind of dog).

It’s a way of saying “we’re cute and cuddly and you want to pet us, but also we could turn on you at any moment and go for your face”.

Could you please not?

Everyone on BoingBoing knows that there are massive and pervasive systemic issues with the US policing. That doesn’t mean you have to threadcrap on a funny video of a police dog trying to get used to his winter boots.


One comment is “threadcrapping”? I think not. It’s one, single comment. You know how to keep scrolling.

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