WATCH: authorities obsessed with inspecting people's anuses


I wonder if Young could take the settlement money and buy every drug-sniffing dog in America?

it might also be that drug sniffing dogs, being well…dogs, like sniffing butts by default. Maybe find a sniffing animal that isn’t already obsessed with anal cavities.


False positives more than half the time.

Alerting on cues even the handler might not know they are giving.

Supreme court says the dog is “well trained” if the police say it is, and the burden of proof is on the defendant.

Fourth amendment, it was fun while it lasted, but you are dead.


Oh sure, blame the dogs. It’s not like their handlers could possibly be biased towards reading their dog’s ambiguous actions as grounds for a search.

“Sparky took a few extra seconds sniffing your pant leg. Looks like we’re gunna have to do a full cavity search. Don’t stop till you reach their back teeth.”


Anus dentatus?

I’m not saying it’s illegal aliens, I’m saying it’s ALIENS.


What an incredibly misleading article title. I feel vaguely let down now.

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Authorities obsessed with inspecting people’s anuses.

No shit.


Yeah, When we say cops are assholes, this wasn’t really what we meant…

Man, this stupid image comes in handy nearly once a week:

One thing which could help is to charge back the cost of the lawsuit to the canine units. Then the bosses can better evaluate their usefulness/liability.

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Thank you; I felt vaguely guilty for not making the effort to locate it myself.

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I just gotta check ya ass hole.

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Right, right. Someone said “alien”; she thought they said illegal alien and signed up!

Good film.

The dogs aren’t wrong. They’re doing exactly what their handlers want. Don’t blame the fact that cops in general are corrupt, authoritarian shitbags with no real sense of morality on the poor dogs.


A: Terrible clickbait headline is terrible clickbait.

B: It’s WAY easier to train a dog to alert on cue than it is to train them to sniff out narcotics and alert compulsively.

I’m not saying police departments don’t go through the process, but I’ll bet that many handlers and K9 units also train in “backdoors” to allow the dogs to alert to anything the officer wants them to, giving them free access to search anyplace they like.

My dog is not a trained police dog, she’s just a normal lab. But I’ve learned so much about dog behavior from teaching her basic commands. For example, she knows how to sit, and she’ll do it on command, but she’ll also do it if I have a treat, or if she thinks it’s what I want her to do. I can take her through her entire repertoire of tricks completely non-verbally. So I have no problem thinking that highly-skilled trainers can get police dogs to alert on cue whether they smell drugs or not.