I am afraid


Simple rules, name something you are afraid of, and why. It can be silly or serious. I’ll start.


I am afraid of ZZ top. I am currently listening to sharp dressed Man.


I am secretly afraid that when the apocalypse comes I’ll survive… along with a bunch of useless rich idiots who don’t know how to do anything practical; that right there is a nightmare scenario from Hell


I am afraid that whatever I post here will be incredibly stupid.

Oh, crap, it was, wasn’t it?

(yes, that counts as a ‘why’ in my opinion)


I’m afraid of falling trees because they are heavy and can kill people. Really only if it’s very windy otherwise I don’t think of it much.


I’m afraid that the parameters of reality will require experiencing every single human life that has ever existed before my consciousness will be allowed to stop.


That’ll take a while. Edit: and raises the question… when did “human” start? And why weren’t the first human’s parents human too?


I’m also afraid of precisely that.


I am constantly afraid that I am putting my foot in my mouth or saying horribly insensitive things when I don’t mean to.


Perhaps similarly, I’m afraid of experiencing the collapse of society. No internet, no electricity, no distribution network for food and other necessities, no social order that doesn’t come at the end of a pointed stick.


Apocalypse doesn’t have much to do with survival, in the usual sense. Since it is “the uncovering of hidden truth/knowledge”, an apocalypse cannot leave one unchanged. So you are still there, but arguably not quite the same person that you were before. Something survives, but is it you? Depends how attached to it you were.


Days, weeks, months, years fly by in the blink of an eye while we go about our day to day lives. All those things outside of the day-to-day that I want to do - I’m afraid that I’ll leave too many of them undone.


My biggest and dumbest fear is zombies, D&D magic zombies as well plague versions. But, any smart, talking version doesn’t count. I evaluate new places for points of entry and possible escape. I check my partner when I go to bed to make sure he’s still warm and breathing. It is super childish and utterly ridiculous.

I will still watch some zombie stuff but not too close to bed time. I’m a mild to moderate horror fan and I’m way too into all vampire things except twilight. Although very dumb vampires are similar to zombies, they still act more like animals and don’t trigger the same fear.


That’s scary,true enough ; but still less terrifying than surviving the catastrophe along with the likes of any Kardashian or a Beverly Devos-type… or 45.


I was afraid of alien abductions as a kid. I still am creeped out by greys, but it’s not so bad anymore. I think I saw some bullshit “documentary” on the history channel when I was a toddler.


I’ll tell you what, if I hear there’s a nuclear strike on Seattle, I’m getting in my car and going to where they think the epicenter will be so I don’t have to put up with all the post apocalyptic bullshit.

I’d rather quietly vaporize than have to deal with being some roadhog’s blood bag, or some gang’s gofer.


I have a vested interest in survival; my kid.

As long as she’s in the picture, I have no choice but to go all ‘Furiosa’ on that ass…


I think you’d do well.

I’ve got nothing but potential to live for. It can be kind of hollow.


I’m afraid that my inability to take steps for a future I really just don’t want will soon leave me unable to escape a present that will provide…perspective…on what I currently consider unendurable.



I hear what you’re saying, though; instant vaporization seems about as ‘quick and painless’ as it’s gonna get when the shit finally does hit the fan.