I am afraid


A rope walks into a bar, sits down, orders a drink. The bartender says, “Hey buddy, we don’t serve ropes here.”

Dejected, the rope leaves. Outside he ties himself into a knot, tousles his hair, and walks back into the bar. The bartender stops him and says, “Hey! Aren’t you that rope I just sent out of here?”

To which the rope replies, “I am a frayed knot.”


I handle spiders and snakes with my bare hands but centipedes freak me out.

Go figure.


Aw, I can’t imagine why. They’re so CUTE!


I am afraid of that gif.


Actually, I kind of am too… eep!

Edit: Okay, I added a blur spoiler. Hope you feel better! :wink:


That is the most romantic thing I’ve heard in years. Never let Mr. Jilly go.


I’m afraid of A, E, I, O, U, and sometimes why.

Actually I’m afraid of anything really bad happening to any of my kids.



I’m afraid of not being allowed back into the country when we come back from holiday next month.


Doesn’t a firework have its own oxidiser? Meaning you could probably fire it in a vacuum. Someone back me up here.

I’m afraid that i’ll be climbing that wall, i’ll be almost to the top, i’ll look down and see i haven’t clipped in. Ruh-roh.


I’m afraid of becoming old, looking back, and thinking, “why did I waste it all.”


Years of having a job tell me that you’re probably right, I’m afraid.


Snapping turtles. I don’t poke them, because I know what they’re capable of.


Hmmm, not sure if Fake News or just Fake…


I’m afraid that pork is high in cholesterol.

[slinks away, slightly ashamed of self but chuckling]


I’m afraid of wildfire. In central Texas, with the manic construction and consequent particulates in the often dry Austin air, not an irrational fear at all.


One of my other fears is finding a snapping turtle on the road. I’ve rescued red-eared sliders and other turtles near creeks, and would face a grave moral crisis with a snapping turtle. So far only seen dead ones though.


If I were a catfish noodler, THEN I’d be afraid of snappers.






getting back into the spirit of this thread, hee hee