I am betting on the Tauntaun in LEGO's Hoth playset

Originally published at: I am betting on the Tauntaun in LEGO's Hoth playset | Boing Boing

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“What is this, and AT-AT for ants?”

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they fire projectiles at each other, you say? somewhere, packed away, my original Boba Fett figure is cursing.


Interesting that the design of this micro AT-AT is slightly different to the design of the previous rendition of the micro-AT-AT and pilot combo. Also interesting that this set includes Luke and a Tauntaun but is currently 20bux less expensive than the older (and I assume discontinued) set.

I love the idea of a little pony-sized AT-AT and a jousting Tauntaun frolicking in the snow.

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Yeah that is an aftermarket 3rd party seller. Almost NEVER buy OOP collectables off of Amazon. They are almost always way over market price of ebay or FB marketplaces/sales sites.

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