The LEGO Star Wars "Ghost and Phantom II" playset from the new Ahsoka series looks amazing

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I’m re-watching Rebels now, before Ahsoka is released. It’s even better on the second viewing. It’s a really good series. If anyone is a Star Wars fan and hasn’t watched it, I highly recommend it. And the Ghost is a cool ship.


Looks good!

Did I mention that a few months ago I went by this new local used Lego store, and they had the super rare deluxe Bespin set with the super rare Boba Fett minifig. And also one of those minifigs alone, with some minor damage, IIRC.

Argh. This guy is so rare and expensive, unless I luck out at a garage sale, I won’t ever get one.

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Wow, I thought I was fairly well versed in Lego SW ephemera, but I’d never heard of this.
What’s so special/unique about this version of Boba Fett… the arm prints?

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Yes arm and I think leg prints. Definitely the only one that had both of the 1st gen versions, and you could only get it with the huge Bespin Cloud City set which was like 600+ parts and expensive for 2003. So, the whole set is rare and I think the Lando, Luke, and Leia were also exclusive versions for that set.

Its one of those things I dream of going to a garage sale and seeing a tub of legos for 50 bucks and noticing the minifigs…

The other minifigs, Lt. Beyta and First Officer Hawkins, are new characters who have so far only been seen in the trailer for Ahsoka, as far as I know.

Watching the Rebels show, I often wondered why Hera’s forearms were so Popeye-big! Looks like they went a different way with this version, and most other Twi’lek characters. And that’s OK! Maybe they just have lots of water jugs on the Ghost that need to be moved around every other day or so.

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