I buy googly eyes in bulk


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You might also try those doodads that are like a little blop of rubber cement.


You can attach a dual-sided adhesive tape yourself. Either put the eyes on the tape and then cut around, or lasercut matching circles from the tape.


I have seen 3M making some peel off adhesive blobs, but it seems far too expensive for affixing a .6 of cent googly eye to something.


There’s also that kind of contact-adhesive spray glue.

Put the eyes upside down to a piece of paper. Spray their backs. Place eyes to silicone-coated paper, e.g. the backing from paper stickers. Voila, readymade adhesive eyes.


Wil Wheaton’s wife Anne does this as well. I don’t know if they originated the term, but they use the term “VandalEyes” and she also set up a website dedicated to posting pictures of various VandalEyesed items.


Watch out, or you’ll end up with this.


I recently impulse-bought a similar bag of eyes. Thanks for the great tip.


Still going through a smaller bag I bought years ago.
Hint: I take those free refrigerator magnets and cut them into smaller size to fit behind the googles for steel. :eyes::eyes::eyes::eyes:


There are magnetic adhesive rubber sheets out there, used to turn any flat-backed object into a fridge magnet. You can use these.

Todo: find how easily the material laser-cuts.





When I gave a talk at the Exploratorium, I was delighted to see a jar of googly eyes in the work room. Surprised that I didn’t see more of them deployed, though.


We have a couple pairs of the extra-large googly eyes, but haven’t been able to commit to an installation location.

In unrelated creepy-but-cool news, my local Rite-Aid is selling pretty dang good life-size skeletons. They’re poseable, with ratcheting joints so they can hold a pose, and their eyes light up to boot. Sticker price is $59.99, but with your Rite-Aid card they’re 50% off. I’ve been waiting for life-size skeletons at a decent price all my damn life! $30 is a screaming deal, you ask me.

So I… uh… bought five. :smirk:

Man, this is, in many ways, a WAAAY better time to be a kid, at least in terms of cool Halloween shit you can buy.


The top and bottom ones are cute! The middle one is going to give me nightmares. I think dinner is vegetarian tonight :slight_smile:



Glue them to your testicles and stand on your head.




Oh this is amazing news. Gotta get to Rite Aid!!!