I buy googly eyes in bulk

Deep-Dreaming breakfast!

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This vendor doesn’t ship outside the US.

I was gonna order 4 bags as a starter.

If you don’t mind waiting for them to ship from China (oh, your profile says you’re in Japan, even better for you), you can get a mixed-size 700 pack for $3.50US from AliExpress. Looks like it’s $1.37US shipping to Japan (free to Canada and the US, oddly).

And if you don’t want the mixed-size, there’s a bagillion other options here. If you really want to go hard, but only want 10mm ones, you can get a 5000 pack for $13.22


I believe it was a Boing-Boing link that introduced me to the glory that is “Deep Sea Fauna… with Googly Eyes”.

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Also, Douglas Coupland:


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