Googly-eye-face Hallowe'en costume


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Wow … that is to great effect.


They call me Diamond Back


that was creepier then i expected. i’d like to see someone do that to their whole body.


How perplexing - the “related videos” were all about spiders.


So wrong. Not as many eyes, by far.


What is even creepier than the googlie eyes, is the way the wearers’ own eyes don’t move.



Seeing that in slow-mo made me think fluid filled googly eyes might be cool.


The “eyes” have it!

Bang Zoom!



In this horrible age of abuse and decay, it’s good to know that someone is looking okay.


This is inspired. But disgusting.


Creep-out city!

My planned sequel to the video coat is a dress made of a thousand flip-phone LCD screens, arranged as dragon scales, fed with live video. My friend suggest that each one should display a moving eyeball. It would be troubling.


This should have come with serious Trypophobia trigger warning.


You think? I’m usually fairly sensitive to that flavor of the jeebies, but that wasn’t too bad for me.

True horror was found instead on the “similar images” google helpfully provided when I was foolish enough to reverse image search that eyeball cluster animation above.

Pro tip: don’t do that.


Beholder flashbacks.


I am usually only mildly affected but this one actually caused quite strong bout of physical nausea and reoccurring flashes of mental images for the remainder of the evening.


Vitreous humour?


Nope… The Nose has it…