LED eyelashes coming to a dance floor near you


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It’s…it’s…about damn time!


i look forward to seeing them all over the place at burning man this year.



I am in favor of this.


LED eyelashes coming to a dance floor near you

Perhaps “near” in a very “scale of the planet” kind of way.

Now get off my lawn!


I wonder what your optical neural circuitry would make of this.


These will go nicely with an LED mustache


I have a feeling these will find their way onto people’s pets.


Or other parts of the body.

Is that a one eyed snake winking at me or are you just happy to see me?

Can’t it be both?


i want to know how he did this!


These look MUCH better than I was expecting from the title.


I don’t know if Alice’s eyelashes are truly LED in this video from 2011 (https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=_ZDrK2KLXkQ), but I immediately thought of it.

Cosplay always brings us the best ideas!!!


You know that ‘mom brain’ has taken over completely when your first thought is how unsafe this novelty product could potentially be, as opposed to how tacky and attention seeking it seems.

Nevertheless, if they aren’t hazardous, then I fully expect to see some queen rock them on the runway next season on RPDR…


You’ll shoot, um, I mean poke or electrocute or something because I don’t understand LED completely, your eye out!


All I know is I’m not putting any electric devices that close to my freakin’ eyeballs.

You only get one set of peepers to last you your whole life; and my mama didn’t raise no fools.

Also, I must:


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