These trippy videos are designed to entice you to purchase eyewear

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What they have to do with eyewear I guess I will never ever know.


I did not see even one image of eyewear.


The music on Total Liquidity sounds like it could a hardcore remix of Human Resource’s Dominator.

There have been so many hardcore remixes of Dominator over the years that it might actually be a real one.

Then you clearly need to buy some of the most expensive ones from FakbyFak.

  1. Not one image of eye wear?

  2. I sorta want to buy eye wear now. Like welding goggles so I can’t see that again.

  3. That last one the art director must have said, “I want it to have the same vibe of a cluttered Geocities page from 1999, only rendered in 3D.”

  4. Sort of appreciate the retro techno… sorta.

Good ear. Maybe. That style of synth though has been in a lot of songs. I am not sure what style that remix is called - reminds me kinda of Atari Teenage Riot, but it was my least favorite.




The videos remind me of what one would expect to see on MTV’s AMP or Liquid Television. (Those were TV shows back in the olden days when dinosauruses roamed free. Back when the Internet was properly capitalized and could be accessed via something called dialup.)


But, isn’t that the best way to advertise eyewear?

Like Deadwriter said above (below?) this is like those 90s trance video mix eyecandy -only a lot worse. It’s like someone went through one chapter of a 3D software tutorial, played along with some tools and submitted whatever the renderer put out. It’s not weird, arty or cooky, it’s badly done 3D turned to 11. All those test files one might make while trying out the tools of a 3D software and they sold it as a proper ad. What is remarkable here is the sales team of that agency or the gullibility of the ad buyer.


Apparently Human Resource got sick of hearing it everywhere and tried to kill it off

I’d just call it hardcore. I wouldn’t say it’s the same style that Human Resource went on to make though.

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By eyewear, I suppose you mean one of those little black masks I use when I need to sleep in the daytime, or on an airplane?

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I don’t want eyewear that melts my face. But maybe I’m just not in the target group.


I’m relieved we can all agree on what is bad animation when we see it.

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…by embracing vapid consumerism. Riiiiiight.

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After watching those videos, it’s clear that I need new glasses, because I can’t believe the shit I was seeing.

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Wow, I did not remember Half-Life being that freaky.

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Maybe BB latched onto the wrong videos. A better mistake would have been to post cat videos; those would have been appreciated and easily forgiven.

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