Bizarre perfume ad by Spike Jonez is a must-see


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Seconded. Let’s be done with the silver tongued emoting of art-blather. Video gets two thumbs up, the perfume bottle gets two thumbs down.


Why are perfume ads so weird?



The part where she passed by the mirrors on the stairs is really impressive. There’s no sign of a camera or crew in any of the reflections.


Ms. Qualley has doomed herself to several-years-to-a-lifetime of not being able to go to a club or party without being expected to “do the crazy dance!” It was pretty excellent, but i feel for her.

her dress is pretty.


I’m impressed with how they kept the camera out of the mirrors


also for @Umm
CGI when done right is pretty amazing stuff.



Agreed, the best kind of CGI is when it doesn’t look like CGI.


The song, “Mutant Brain,”

One of my favs.


Is this where I confess that we use a Kenzo perfume to clear, ahem, the air? It’s appropriately named Flower in the Air.


Yeah, this is direct, at some times near shot-for-shot re-make of the above music video Jonze directed for Fatboy Slim over 15 years ago that won many awards…and everything about it is less appealing…the song, the personality, the fun of the dance moves, and it goes on far too long.

Creatively, it’s a pathetic decision to go back and re-make your own work fifteen years later, adding nothing to it. Even the color palette is the same. I assume it was not Jonze’s idea to do this, but the clients.

I just re-watched the episode of ‘Mad Men’ where a client comes to the agency to ask them to make a commercial re-creating, shot-for-shot, Ann Margret’s opening for ‘Bye Bye Birdie’, even though it has nothing to do with the product. The ad agency rolls their eyes, takes their money and shoots the commercial.

“Most ad men believe that clients are the main thing that gets in the way of good work.” – Don Draper


Oh that’s why I though, this is just like “Weapon of Choice” :smiley:


I can’t stand the way he sings, but I love to hear him talk. Oh wait, not that one…


You probably hit the nail on the head about it being the client’s idea. Honestly, though, her dance is crazily energetic enough that I’m willing to forgive it.


This is what I imagine people feel like on bath salts.


One does not computer-generate the image of a lack of a camera. That’s image compositing.

ETA I get fussy because when people walk CGI back, it makes little sense when compared to other tools and techniques. Is hand-drawn animation PGI - pen-generated imagery? Are practical latex prosthetics RGI - rubber generated imagery? No artist likes to have their work attributed to the damn tool.


I always get him confused with Spike Lee.


Okay, valid nit pick though most likely done with computers. Anyway it still is amazing what they can do with it these days when used well.