I buy readers by the 5-pack

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Post checks out.


Beat me to it.


Reading glasses have formed a pact with ballpoint pens and now share each others ability to vanish and reapear in unlikely places. I have a lot a problems with various inanimate objects that operate with a mind of their own. Screwdrivers for example will change from flat tip to phillips to torqs in order to avoid being the one thats needed. Assholes, the lot of them.


Easy fix: Use nails instead of screws.

Keep in mind that no solution to a problem will fix all problems.

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Once I discovered that Dollar Tree readers work just as well as any others, I’ve never bought anything else.

Upside: Many locations across the USA selling $1 readers at all strengths.

Downside: They’re so cheap that they feel disposable, and I keep spares darned near everywhere, to the occasional annoyance of the wife.

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I would’ve expected Mark to be more conscious of the disposable nature of some items. Oh well


I wish. My eyes have much astigmatism, and one is far-sighted, the other near-sighted. Consider yourself lucky that readers work for you.


I have the same issue.
Sometimes I get lucky and they average each other out.
Sometimes, it’s the opposite and neither eye is suitable for whatever I’m trying to see, which is usually obscenely small type.

When friends get cataract surgery, they tell me that they usually opt-in for a “one near- and one far-sighted” rework on their lenses on advice of their ophthalmologists.

Maybe we’re doing something right?


Glad to see someone else already said dollar store. And yes they are disposable at that price.

The 5-packs are the best. I did a cartoon about them a couple months ago! We often make jokes about the witches sharing an eyeball because we share readers at restaurants when someone forgets theirs. ETC-Christina Wald-Ep37|473x500

You can also get multi-packs of reader cords so you can wear them around your neck.

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