5-pack of Wayfarer-style reading glasses for $7

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Stellar dear, dude.

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Any in +5 and higher?

Just stack them.


I don’t think they work very well! :stuck_out_tongue:


I got a set of these +5’s a couple of years ago, and they’re good for close-up work (though I sometimes stack a larger +3 on top for really close-up stuff). I also see +6’s in the related list; I might have to try them…

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Magic Spectacles that give a +5 bonus to intelligence?

That is an insanely powerful magic item.



Serious question, hive mind: for thirty years, I have worn glasses because I’m near-sighted. Optom and optho both agree that my so far slight post-40 presbyopia is still slight and we all agree that bifocals are not needed or wanted yet. (We’ll probably do contacts with readers instead.)

But I do a lot of fine detail work, between sewing, household mechanics and electronics, and now the knitting machines. I have always found myself in need of magnifiers for some of this and have an assortment of alligator clip third hands, stand mags, and one with a light and giant 10x lens, but they’re inconvenient. Isn’t that what reading glasses do, at a lower diopter?


Czanne, I use high-diopter reading glasses for this sort of thing. They magnify a little, but mostly what they do is let you get much closer to what you’re working on. I would not recommend them for soldering – you don’t want to be any closer than necessary to the flux fumes, hot iron, etc. On the other hand, I find they’re great for household-mechanics-type stuff. Not sure how they’d work for sewing and knitting – one problem they have is that when you’re wearing them they cover most/all of your visual field, so it’s hard to see anything far away. Flip-up lenses might be better for switching back & forth between close & normal distance, but I haven’t tried them.

I think my recommendation would be to get cheap pair of flip-ups (something like these) and see how they work for you.

One thing they won’t do is supply good light. I tend to wear a headlamp when I’m doing close-up work, and unfortunately I’m not real happy with any of the headlamps I’ve tried. I mostly use an Energizer Vision HD + lamp, which is good in all respects except for the tilt hinge. For close work, you need to tilt it down. It has a hinge, but the position retainer is built like a ratchet – easy to tilt it up with a tiny bump, hard to tilt it back down to where I need it to be.

(I also have an old Coleman lamp with a much much better hinge, but getting its battery compartment open is a major pain. Not really recommended.)

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I am not the world’s best solder-er, so I try to do as little as possible, and when I do solder, I do it in the garage, with the vent on, and wearing the filter mask. I had pneumonia several times before age 7, so I already have slightly diminished lung capacity and don’t dare screw them up more.

It sounds like readers alter focal points, which is useful, as a back and neck saver. The flip ups I have used have been… less than useful. They’re mostly made for heads at or above 7.25, and that’s not me. But on light – yeah. The more, the better. Thank you!

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