Safety glasses with built-in magnification

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They’re great for welding. (Behind the shield) :sunglasses:

These are good training for when you’ll need bifocals.

I have something similar, and have found them to be more annoying than helpful, mostly because whatever I want to see bigger doesn’t always line up with the bottom of the glasses. Like when you are looking up at the work. Better in a flat, tabletop type of situation. Full glass magnifiers are better for me when I need to zoom in, so I just keep a pair in my shirt pocket.

For reasons I fail to understand this sort of design in safety glasses is common enought in US but almost like hens’ teeth in UK, and I’ve looked several times in the past year or three. Boo!

Bi-focals are a bitch… They work fine for reading a book and being able to see the rest of the room, but that is about it. Very antiquated tech that sucks for computers, or reading the labels on the top shelf of the liqour store…

Getting old ain’t for pussies…

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Yes it is.
I have joined generation varifocals officially last year.

Bette Davis was right; getting old is not for sissies.

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