Bifocal safety goggles


I prefer safety goggles that make me look more like a scientist and less like a Nascar fan.

On those occasions that I wear safety glasses, I’m far more interested in how they work than how they look.


I so wish that my eyes could use these. Ready to get a pair of prescription safety glasses.

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Hate to rain on Cory’s parade, but these are NOT bifocals. They are just “readers” with a single magnification. While not all bifocals have a line, they do have different magnifications for near and far vision. These, nice though they are, do not have more than one magnification…

Look like they’d be good for bike riding.

There are many bifocal safety glasses listed for $4-5 in a basic google search.

My local welding shop has single-vision reading lens safety glasses, both in clear and in Shade 5 Green (good enough for torch welding, not for electrical welding which needs much darker glasses.) They look like basic safety glasses with side pieces.

They’re about $12, and presumably you can find cheaper ones online, and probably goggles with reading glasses as well.

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