I can't see my replies/likes/likes received totals anymore

Yeah, well, that ship sailed a loooong time ago.


I think I might finally get a 2:1 ratio in the next couple of weeks.

I believe I actually crossed the 1:1 ratio at about 666 comments and likes! :smiling_imp:

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Thinking about this a little… I suppose there is a downside to being aware of this kind of stuff, you might be inclined to farm those likes with pandering to the user base but I think the upside is just a different version of that process.

Really it’s a feedback mechanism that lets you know how well your ideas are going down with the people here. And I trust the users here to not steer me wrong, so I see it more as a positive criticism system.

There is always the gif bank for gleaning likes with funny stuff but for the most part, I think my invective has cooled and my ability to stay conscientious and not fly off the handle, to remain in control and (mostly) say what I mean is bolstered by that feedback mechanism, next to the direct feedback one receives through replies and quotes.

On the whole, paying attention to what the community likes in what you say is probably good for, at the very least, how you say it and perhaps at the most, what you actually think and say.


I guess I’ve bumped the Clarence Thomas joke with a one line dig at Jeb! Bush now.


Hmm, what’ve I got…

Srs post
Snide remark
sex/heraldry joke (I don’t get to make those often)
video game quote
Batman snark

Yeah, that seems about right, really.


Oh no, my comment on how disturbing this primary was has pushed my hedgehog comment from 6th to 7th place. That’s the one I really like. From now on I should only post pointless crap, since I can’t let my hedgehog lose.


Yes, and…


Is this where I come to brag about how much people “like” me?

  1. Marking down the difference between “self defense” and instructing a crowd to kill someone
  2. First post making fun of Ben Carson on a topic about pyramids.
  3. First post generally agreeing that even if sexual harassers apologize, let them eat shit anyway.
  4. Explaining in fine detail exactly how stupid an anti-vaxxer is, and telling them they should apologize for being so wrong.
  5. Equating the statement of tRump’s lawyer that “you can’t rape your wife” to the biblical law that you can nearly beat your slave to death as often as you like. As long as it takes longer than a few days for them to die.

To be fair to you, #2 is pretty much pure gold.


Not really the idea…

…but sorta headed that way. Welcome!

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It was the most obvious response anyone could have said at the time. I just happened to be there first. I’m a regular, so I’m most places first, but usually like to give someone else a shot at getting to respond before I do.


oh, yeah, that should be gold. There ya go.


FEWER people (sorry, can’t help myself!)





Posts Created: 1915
Likes Received: 5750

And even this post won’t drop that total, although of course I could drag it down in the future. Phew! Okay, back to work.

Update: Okay, so I just need 1888 likes to make my ratio 4:1…

@sam, question, are my like totals strictly from likes applied to my replies? I feel like sometimes my totals go up faster than that, and I notice that on the right side of the summary page you’re tallying all of the likes in the top threads I’ve started…I’m not somehow getting all of those as well, am I?

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I really want to make badges for this kind of stuff but struggle really hard with naming and descriptions

“Lover” 100 liked posts and gave out at least 1 like for every liked post

Kind of wordy

Also note, for badge purposes you should not be forced to like 30 different posts just cause you got 30 likes on one post, it’s work creating


Sorry for the delayed reply. Like count is a total of likes both on topics and replies, it is not restricted to replies

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Interesting, so I am essentially credited in that total for other people’s good posts that happen to be part of a thread I started. I can see the wisdom of that…except that it means I’ll never be in the same league as otromiguel! @OtherMichael [sigh]