I can't stop collecting cats in this Japanese smartphone game


Stop it Internet, stop recommending this game to me. The Android version is not available in the US, but peoples keep trying to tell me how great it is. Taunting me from their high thrones.


My cat would have been like "Who’s face are you calling silly, dude? Guess who’s slippers I’m going to throw a fur-ball into tonight?! Get with the program - I own you. Now stroke me; I’m bored now.


Sometimes I can’t tell how much of my affection for cats is genuine and how much is the toxoplasmosis talking, but in the end it doesn’t matter: I love their silly faces.

You shouldn’t have mentioned toxoplasmosis. I thought you loved their silly feces, for a moment there.


My reaction: “Thank god! Google won’t let me install it.”

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You can install the app if you use a VPN tunnel to Japan and then set up a second Google account on your device. I may have done this, and the very strangeness of the process may be the source of part of my delight in the game.

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Not available on Android. :frowning:

How to install on iOS

  1. turn on your Japanese keyboard
  2. go to your apps store and enter the kanji for the game’s name in the search bar. The keyboard comes up in the form of a number pad and if you hold a “number” a sub-menu pops up. The steps I took were: 5 + right; 2 + down; 1; 4 + up; 7 + right. Then tap the big blue button in the lower right to search.

The actual app name has hyphens before and after.

Cute game!

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