I could have potentially destroyed our moon base and still had time to eat astronaut ice cream

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For folks who are otherwise rational but use weird excuses to deny human-caused climate change, you need to change the target from greenhouse gasses to overall pollution. Ask them, is there an infinite amount of waste that we can pump out of fossil fuel burning power plants and cars before harming the earth? The answer is obviously no. Then ask, are we currently pumping too much pollution into the sky and water so that it is damaging the earth? If yes, then ask them how to solve the problem (the answer is more renewable energy and less fossil fuel burning). If they say no, ask them since they said it isn’t infinite, when will we will reach the point of harming the earth? They won’t know that answer. The only answer is to stop polluting and the only way to stop polluting is to put restrictions on polluting. That is why it is political because only political decisions can stop corporate pollution. It has to be top-down control. People will always buy cheap if they can, and newer technologies tend to be more expensive. Governments are the only way to make pollution reduced.


I heard Mars smells like farts?

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It can when you’re wearing a spacesuit. :space_invader:


You don’t necessarily have to put restrictions on pollution other than economic ones. If costs of pollution are being externalized (as they are now) government can assign additional costs to polluters, and if those fees are high enough, they can generate revenue for the government instead of just additional enforcement costs.

But yeah, government has to be involved, no question.

I picked up a couple pouches of freeze dried ice cream at the local REI the other day; it’s made by Mountain House, who makes a lot of freeze-dried and ‘shelf stable’ foods for campers, survivalists, and the like*. It was largely as a joke- I have a co-worker who really likes ice cream, so it’s kind of an in-joke.

It’s one of those ‘I did it once to check it off the bucket list’ things; there’s better shelf-stable desserts out there.

  • I don’t like the term ‘preppers’ for a number of reasons that are outside of the scope of this comment.

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