Scooter that runs on small propane tanks


Sweet Lady Propane!


Frack Baby Frack!

Guy looks pretty orthodox for all the shiksa tail he’s sniffin’ at.

It is sweet. However, eco-friendly because of high mileage is a misnomer. Slightly cleaner fossil fuels and high mileage may forestall the end of the biosphere as we have known it, by a few years, nothing more. Not to mention that the farther we travel up the curve, the greater the impact of each carbon molecule in the atmosphere.

Salvation lies in replacing fossil fuels, thereby not adding below ground carbon to the above ground eco-system. The road back from a greenhouse Earth, getting carbon out of the above ground system, will be exponentially longer and harder than the road there. Just replacing fossil fuels is really the only way to give our children and theirs a good chance. (Yes my fossil fuel burner is off the road. I ride a bike all year. I drove a bio-diesel taxi for a living for the past three years. Not a nut. Sorry to sound the sour note.)


Something that uses a single use metal tank (not refillable by law) as it’s fuel storage, can’t really claim to be Eco-friendly.


Not refillable by law, but you can in fact refill propane cylinders (like those for torches or the squatter type) from the home bar-b-q rig. All sorts of adapters are available to use the 20 lb tanks with lanterns and other appliance, so getting a hose with the right connector at both ends is no challenge. A small oxygen cylinder from a torch set would give more capacity. Again not legal, but that cylinder would be made to much higher standards.

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Oxygen things tend to have left-handed threads, to avoid unintentional attachment of valves and other stuff lubricated with hydrocarbon grease, which would then tend to burn or explode. (There are even cases of solid-aluminium oxygen valves that exploded when the main valve was opened too fast and the compression heating did its job.) Not sure about these small things, though. But drilling/recutting the thread to a suitable right-handed one should be easy and not nullify the stupidity-check like making an adapter could do. (Adapter is an easy way but then begs for trouble if used with actual oxygen.)


Yeah, somebody would be in for a BIG surprise when they managed to hook that up to a grill, crack the valve, and light 'er up. Please don’t anybody ever try that particular mod…

One thing in the BB article that could stand correction is the “doesn’t stink” bit. IC propane engines do in fact reek to high heaven. The smell can be much worse than a gasoline engine.

Always wanted one of these, but they’re legally useless in the UK - can’t use on pavements because of the motor, and road use requires number plates (lol), an MOT (which probably adds lights and a horn at least) and insurance (good luck with that).

Looks like a blast.

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Those are the sorts of ideas I run past my dad, who has seen a lot more industrial carnage than I have.

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Nothing illegal about refilling them for personal use (in the States). Once refilled they are no longer DOT certified so there’s a bunch of stuff you can’t do with them (including selling them) but if you’re just going camping or using them in this scooter those things wouldn’t be an issue.

can only imagine what a doorman would do with someone trying to ride in on a scooter :open_mouth:

Don’t assume

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If you go into a slide it looks like it would be possible to break off the valve stem and send the bottle rocketing out the back side of the bottle cage…

What sort of emissions is this thing capable of? Remember Catalytic Converters do work, so a car may be comparatively inefficient in terms of fuel consumption, without emitting as much NOx or carbon monoxide, or unburnt hydrocarbon.

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I saw somewhere, from some part of Canada where electric bikes were illegal, a homemade bike with both the batteries and the motor were concealed in the saddle bags. At both first and second look the bike looked exactly like a normal human-powered bike, the difference was visible only at a very close examination. It should be somewhere on the Internet.

We need more such concealed designs.

I don’t exactly understand what you mean, but assuming you mean accidentally replacing propane with oxygen, nothing much would happen. Assuming the valve is not opened way too fast so there is no pressure (and temperature) surge anywhere in the hoses, the gas would just not burn; though a match would flare up spectacularly, immediately alerting you to the problem.

However, if you want some royal fun, you can help your barbecue with some liquid oxygen.

Partially evaporated (and oxygen enriched) liquid air is also fun.

Since propane liquifies, it is stored at relatively low pressure. Furthermore, as propane is released, it gets much colder lowering the pressure even more. This is so bad that for many uses you have to heat the propane tank to keep it pressurized. So no, if the top gets knocked off the bottle isn’t going to be rocketing anywhere. On the other hand, I wouldn’t want to be standing on top of the cloud of propane that would be released if that happened.