I didn't carve my pumpkin, so a squirrel carved it for me




I wonder if you carefully injected squidges of peanut butter or some-such in a jack-o-lantern pattern you could guide the little Michaelangelo’s work. That said, I like the squirrel’s raw, minimalist take, I wonder if that’s really what we look like to them…


Squirrels are obviously just as susceptible to marketing as the rest of us…
It was going for Big Hero 6:


It’s a Hallow’s Eve miracle!

it recalls Rothko in that way, although in a curvelinear idiom


Rothko via Munch perhaps? Sounds like a great Halloween aesthetic to me…


I was thinking of Bomberman.


Looks a lot like an owl to me:

Which, I suppose, is a pretty scary thing if you’re a wild rodent. Good Halloween spirit, squirrel.


Because I could not stop for Halloween–
It kindly stopped for me.


“Squirrel Bastard! He killed Kenny!”


“Blocks my view of Venus!”


I didn’t carve my pumpkin - I let “market forces” do it!


Maybe if I put out some pumpkins the squirrels will stop chewing the wires under my car.

Oh, now I get it. It’s the little rodents’ version of trick-or-treat.


WTF is up with that? I had a decent car given to me by my ex which I was going to fix. Waited a year or two and they had climbed in and eaten the wiring!


Apparently it’s because manufacturers use a soy-based plastic that attracts them. Good for the environment, not so good when it ruins a car. I hope you were able to get it fixed without too much trouble.

Very tangentially related, but worth mentioning: hail and farewell, Tom Magliozzi.


Squirrels seem to have very discerning tastes in jack-o-lanterns. They always insist on making improvements to the ones we put out.


I can’t possibly be that much older than many of you. I’m a bit dismayed not to have seen this posted yet:

Squirrel did a pretty good job IMHO.


i wasted hours weeks on ColecoVision playing Dig Dug. :slight_smile: Love that game.


http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eDSMwnzGvc4 from http://videosift.com/video/HAPPY-HALLOWEEN-Squirrel-Carves-Pumkin


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