I didn't vote for 'em

That’s exactly what I was describing as part of the problem. All that money and effort wasted to impose some slightly different badly watered down vision on everybody because of where they were born.

You’re smart, can you at least see the potential of combining a Valve with a Google and a Mondragon and putting some evidence based methodology on top, right?

Then you could put up several options, including turning ‘employment’ into ‘productive, peaceful citizenship’ if one chooses it, true? As a bonus it’s a circular mind hack that creates a dynamo of productivity in those who want a principled system while separating out the more destructive sorts by design.

Someone could do that in months, and the more people they hire, the less are contributing to this mess.

THAT would be doing something. Realistic and WAY faster. It should at least raise the bar, and the only arguments I’ve gotten so far are ‘hard to understand’,‘TL;DR’, or ‘This wouldn’t work and I’m exactly the sort of person who wouldn’t work in it’

I’ve been refining one thing since I came to this site, it’s gone from a few hundred pages of mess to a story to something that’s starting to make sense. How about we get a tiny fraction of that effort sent over to help something that can sustain itself, is humble, and uses actual science?

How about something that plays to the strengths of the people we can trust? How about making it better?