Elections 2018


I’ve been saying this over and over again.




Chaching! A russian troll just earned another commission when you posted that.


If this were addressed to moderates as well, it would be acceptable.

Few people are more rigidly and emotionally committed to their own political identity than people who think of themselves as moderates. (“Unlike all those other lunatics, I am sane, balanced, practical…”)

Indeed, this graphic is the inside of a moderate’s head.


These have never been a problem for me in the past. But I still reserve the right to say “Fuck No!” to them as well as Donald. I’m under no compulsion to vote for a candidate just because the are less shitty.

Every 4 years, I go “Are these the best we’ve got?” Give me a candidate I can vote for without feeling dirty instead of just giving me someone so I can vote against the other guy.


Stop crying, you’re day will come.


Our civilization has an increasingly difficult time generating functioning adults, especially those trained in the humanities. You know the kinds of people we used to try to elect.


I’ll take this deal, just as I have COUNTLESS times in the past, but could you at least make an effort not to nominate someone who ABSOLUTELY SUCKS AT CAMPAIGNING like three of the last five?


Hey, thanks! Glad to know what you think of those of us trained in the humanities… now if you’ll excuse me, I need to get back to my big wheel and juice box!



Sorry, I didn’t mean to demean the humanities, but you’re right, I do see that my comment reads that way. FWIW, my intended implication was almost the opposite: the humanities are just as important as the sciences, and we need at least as many smart people well trained in the humanities as we do in STEM fields. However, I don’t think we, as a society, do anywhere near a good enough job training enough people to think clearly and systematically and broadly about the humanities so as to enable future leaders to build and run good, strong institutions, and craft policies informed by the best available knowledge, and so on.


Ah! Thanks for clarification. I entirely misread your meaning there, so thanks for your patience.

True. I would argue that this is very much by design. The past couple of decades has seen an attack on the humanities, broadly speaking, but especially at the university level. That has come in conjunction with the STEM fields being pushed (as a sort of artificial “war” between the two - as if they’re not both of value). This is true even on the HS level, where there are plenty of STEM magnet public schools, but very few arts and humanities focused magnet public schools. Understanding human society via the humantities are not antithetical to science and maths, but enrich a good study them.

Anyways, back to my big wheel…


Yes, that would be amazing. I, too, would love to not just vote against someone, but for someone I believe in. I didn’t think Hillary was a very good candidate. Then again, I believed that Trump should absolutely, under no circumstances, be POTUS, so I was able to forego any creeping doubts for the time it took to cast my vote for Hillary. And I would have slept well that night, if not for the election results. Which people who wrote in Bernie, or abstained from voting, helped cause, and then explained with (on the whole) smug self-satisfaction. I don’t know how they sleep at night.


I voted 3rd party, but live in a state were it wouldn’t, and didn’t, make a lick of difference. In the short run, my vote was meaningless. But there are political consultants who pay attention to this stuff. Dangling my vote out of reach of shitty candidates might cause a future candidate to shift some iota towards less shitty. But always voting for the lesser of two evils means there is no incentive for candidate to be better, just opposed to the other guy.

I’m hoping 2016 will encourage Democrats to run someone good in 2020. And I’m hoping that Donald loses in 2020 which encourages Republicans to run someone good in 2024. The goal should be to have both parties put forward the best person they can, whether they are someone you can support or not.

In other words, I’m a foolish idealist.


Dear Clinton NeoLibs:

In 2020, you will likely have a near-ideal Democratic Candidate should you choose to vote for him.

His name is “Bernie Sanders”, and you’ve been told a lot of ugly lies about his character - by Corrupt Corporate Whores who sold their souls for money.

It’s very likely that, despite this, you will be suckered by these Worthless Republican Lite Piles of Shit - because you are little better than sheep following the wolves that fleece you, then cut your throats when you have nothing left to give.

Please do America AND The World a favor, and think for yourselves - then Vote For Bernie Sanders, who stands up for you even while you attempt to tear him down at the behest of The Traitor and Manchurian Candidate Hillary Rodham Clinton and those who sail with her.

  • Thank you.



Protest votes in some states can be done, but you don’t know when that becomes an actual vote. How many PA and WI votes were “he’ll never win, but I am so pissed I need to shove it in the dem’s face” type things? We will never know, but it was more than none, and it was a very close thing. We could have missed out on all the fun this president has generated. No, HRC was not a good candidate, not a good campaigner, not Bernie, but she was also NOT DONALD TRUMP. I was not happy voting for her, but I was ecstatic to vote against Trump.


Perhaps some pleasure themselves while watching pictures of asylum seekers in detention camps, or reading about ICE detaining US-educated permanent resident physicians and French women who made “a left turn at Albuquerque” while running without ID, and chortling at anti-LGBT legislation. Others may wear themselves out to restful slumber by telling women protesting against Kavanaugh’s appointment that this would have happened under a Clinton government too.


Gee, I wonder how people who insist on falling for the same lying line time and again sleep with themselves - but from listening to you lot, apparently The Deliberately Obtuse Sleep Very Well, Thanks, As the Country Goes Up in Flames Because You Don’t Want Anything “Uncomfortable” like Democratic Socialism.

I’m not sure who people think this meme is for… I feel like it’s for the kind of people inclined to repost it. That’s cool, I guess.