I experienced the Stash House escape room with friends and we had a blast


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The “coke” bags are water soluble, so don’t worry about flushing them.

I always knew as a society that we’d get to this day.


I did my so-far only escape room, a different one in the LA region, along with fellow management at my company as a team building exercise. The time pressure and multiple connected puzzles of these rooms make a fun environment for teamwork and people working to their strengths. It would have helped if we pre-organized a bit more into small stable groups before starting but we did ultimately “escape.” It would not have been as much fun, at least for me, with strangers.


I wish I could do more escape rooms. The problem is, frequently they require reservations considerably in advance, and trying to get any group of people to commit to meeting at a time and place in the distant future is a painful struggle as of late.



One has to wonder if they got the meatballs while there!

Also, just because:


That’ll tech you to go into a meeting without a proper pre-meeting!


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