I finally added weights to my DIY Peloton set-up

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About the only thing I missed from spinning classes when I switched to a solo stationary bike with app combo is arm weights, 2 lbs is enough to tire me out and will get some. Things I don’t miss since leaving spinning classes: not enough room to use weights (bikes to close together), $10-20 per session, missing a session by 10 minutes, fighting to get in/out of class and of course ‘bros’.

My bike is always the one I want. It always has a fan blowing right where I want, and no one will complain if I change the angle. I do not have to get up at the crack of dawn to register for a class and pay $20 for the seat in a crowded hot room.

$12/mo vs $80/week if I was going to classes? I take classes in LA when I visit my parents. I try to find Groupon deals for or they are too expensive.

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Does these spin bikes work better for people than a weighted jump rope and good pair of shoes? because so far for the price I can’t really beat the amount of cardio I get (i.e. punishment).

One place where I lived I connected an inclined weight bench to a decent exercise bike - minus the saddle, in such a way that I had a full range of motion with my legs - with adjustable resistance on the pedals, that also allowed me to use dumbbells or a barbell at the same time.

I probably wasn’t getting the same results that I would have by doing the activities separately, with greater intensity and focus, but I was satisfied with the workout I was getting.

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It depends. Not everyone can handle the impact of jump rope. Some people don’t like to jump rope and some literally don’t have the coordination.

Plus the ultimate goal matters too. If someone is training for a marathon, I don’t think jumping rope will develop the endurance they need to run for two to three hours.

I had to suck at it for 3 days before I could even do it once. It’s a pretty good work out to suck at jumping rope though.

I can’t imagine spin class is good training for anything. Seems like for marathons you should be running and strength training, although spin could fit into the latter.

disclaimer: I’m no expert on these matters. I mostly sit at my desk and scold myself for not exercising.

I guess that’s nice, but what I’d really like to see is a GIF of you bouncing around on that trampoline.

Your imagination…? Spin is a great off day training for marathons.

What makes for good training seems to go in and out of fashion, this is especially true with runners and cyclists. There is a serious conformation bias when it comes to those using methodologies that are self researched.

I’ll stick with the tried and true training method: beat me with a birch branch, jump into an icy stream, then drink half a pint of weak beer.

I tend to do what works for me, recommend it as ‘working for me’ rather than universal, and enjoy the results.

My back no longer lets me train for marathons, or run them, so I can only speak from prior experience on that front. Right now, this bike is great exercise for me.

A weighted jump rope, which I loved in my teens, would probably not help me at all. Jumping up and down isn’t reputed to be great for lumbar disc injuries, nor is running.


Living where you do, I’m surprised that you don’t just ride a bike. Life is too short to spend it “training” indoors. Play outside, don’t workout.

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Yeah… I’ve got nothing on this one either.

This can be dangerous in that part of the world. I spend several weeks every year a few miles north of @jlw, there are stretches of SR 1 near us that have been listed in some bike blogs/travel guides as great for cycling, but they are actually are narrow with little or no shoulder and lots of traffic. On weekends the traffic is even more fun because of people up from the city for vineyard tours/wine tasting crawls.

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People get hurt and die there all the time. Sausalito police chief one told me he’d never ride a bike in Marin on the weekends. There are also hills straight up every direction from me and while stationary biking is easy on the back, Marin road quality is not.

I like riding the bike in my home. I hike the hills with my dogs.


That the roads are so car-fucked that is too dangerous to ride is outrageous. How did we get here? Something has to give. I won’t live anywhere that I can’t ride. This principle has guided quite a few life/career choices over the years.

In my ideal world, the roads would be so full of cyclists that drivers would stay away. In other news, a study has shown that over 50% of drivers speed while checking their phone. The world is car-fucked, and we’re blind to how it is destroying our lives.

My wife and I own 5 bicycles between us, so I’m not exactly anti-bicycle, but this stretch of road is a major thoroughfare, and ill-suited to bikes. 99% of the bicycles on it are tourists, not commuters, often people who drove their SUVs or campers to the area.

History shows those roads were paved for cars. CA HWY 1 is pretty famous for it. Bikes never could have achieved this infrastructure investment. Tourist cyclists tend to be the assholes who won’t work with traffic or other drivers, and timid tourist drivers flock to this road. It is a bad combo and people get hurt.


Oh come on. Don’t pretend for a minute that motorists pay for more than a fraction of the costs they impose on others. History will condemn our brief fascination with private cars as a major mistake.