I found a locked safe hidden at the back of a closet in my new house

You placed the note in a safe?


i believe the expert i referenced was talking about this particular model - or one very similar to it

can we assume: (value if can open it) > (value if drilled carefully and made usable again) > (value if can’t open it)?


Strictly speaking I wrote the combination on a Post-It note and hid it on the underside of a Klein bottle, which I would normally take into the safe. For safekeeping, you understand. When it’s not in the mild paranoia room the safe stays in the touching naivety room, which is accessible via a switch hidden in the 3-D printed bust of Cory Doctorow on my desk. Hope this helps!


It’s a safe assumption.



Would we let you?

I can panic anywhere, so the whole universe is my panic room. Oh my God I’m going to die, and in 100 years nobody will even remember that I once lived! And I need to file a tax extension this week! That’s what a panic room is for, right?

A room for feeling safe in is harder, but if you can get that right the whole universe is your safe room too.

I might not be using these terms in the canonical way.

UPDATE: Tried a few combinations (to no avail), plenty more obvious ones to check. Was distracted by dog requiring intensive belly rubs.

If the basic combos don’t work out, I’ll be removing the wooden skirting board to see if the safe can be easily removed. In either case, probably off to the locksmith then!


Try looking for the combination written on the top edge of the closet door, in the medicine chest, and in or on the bottoms and sides of built-in cabinet drawers.


It’s a smaller version of the Iron Lady from The Invisibles.

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All you have to do is cut a hole in the faceplate between the combination and the handle,there is an iron bar connecting them both, cut that through and knock it back towards the combination with a cold chisel or big screw driver and Bingo its open. You may have to cool the safe down with water because the safe door can expand and jam if you used an oxyacetylene cutter. Don’t forget to cut a nick in the iron bar so you can knock it back with the cold chisel/screw driver.If you used an angle grinder you could repair it I suppose?

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Or he could call in someone who is going to leave it intact and give him a combination.


you sound like a dirty effin quitter


He has better things to do anyway.

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I am an estate liquidator and we have come across this type of situation more times than most people realize.

IMHO, here are your options.

  1. Trying to open it on your own is very possible, but also potentially very time-consuming. A 3-number combination is bad enough, but if it’s one of those locks where you turn it left 4 times, then Right 3, then Left again 2, then right once, you might be giving your kids your last attempted combination so they can continue your quest after you’re gone 9or you’ve gone mad).

  2. Get a locksmith to drill it open. It is amazingly easy IF you know what you’re doing and where you’re drilling. A pro will know. An amateur will just end up making your safe look like steel Swiss cheese.

  3. Remove the wood molding and slide the safe out. Find a nice stretch of concrete and put the safe on it. Now get a chisel and 20-pound mallet and whack the freaking thing between the hinge and its mount. Continue doing this until neighbors complain, you go deaf, or the door falls off. I had a locksmith tell me that Yale safes were some of the most popular AND cheaply-made safes out there. Door removal via simple brute force is possible.

  4. From what he told me, the Freon trick works great too. But only inside the tumbling mechanism. And again, you need to know where to drill and how/where to whack it for the combo mechanism to basically just fall off. And NOT for all safes.

Hope this helps.



What’s in the safe, Rob?



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