I had a close encounter with a grizzly bear


Roger that. @SeamusBellamy I enjoy reading your stuff, thank you.


First rule of outrunning a bear: never be the slowest.


Fixed that for you… :open_mouth:


Was in Yellowstone last month, the park concessionaire rents large bottles of bear spray. There were tourists walking around in the visitor center with the canisters on their belts and in the parking lot at Yellowstone Falls I saw one brave soul carrying her rented spray can in hand with her finger on the trigger. I was afraid of the tourists.


Here’s an interesting bear video captured last month near Whitecourt Alberta; this was taken about ten metres away from the bear, from a pickup cab. To answer questions that often arise (where I saw it posted earlier, at least) , the men were hunting and had rifles. Grizzly are protected in Alberta, so they couldn’t shoot the bear legally. Fire a warning shot to scare it away? From inside the truck, or shooting from or across a road, also illegal. Not to mention, “ow my ears”. Get out of the truck to fire warning shot? Too dangerous. Actually, probably pretty dangerous just being in the truck where they were filming, for that matter. That being said, this is truly an unique opportunity to witness at close range some remarkable behaviour. Some people may find this video disturbing, so be warned


Sorry, but around here I think Disney is canonical; therefore, Winnie the Pooh is yellow. Any other representations are retconned.


Huh. I see they adopted Disney’s shirtcocking Pooh for Christopher Robin.


Oh, c’mon. Follow Brian Regan’s suggestion: Go up and give 'em a hug. Smear honey on your face and let 'em lick it off!



Sheesh, nightmare fuel. I’d guess the cub it chased went up a tree. Only a matter of time before . . .


Black bear can climb limbless trees, mature brown bears may require branches, so maybe it’ll get away.


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