I have a subscription to coconut oil


Finally: something that’s not made in China! :wink:


Not a palm tree anywhere on that label

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I hear some people swear by it for dilation…

Cosmetics and skin care.
Soap (I make my own; coconut oil makes gobs of lather)
I don’t know about using it as any type of commercial lubricant; I suspect it’s too much of a niche market and the personal care and food uses suck up most of the production.

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Here you go, the best use of coconut oil: http://www.seriouseats.com/2014/06/how-to-make-your-own-chocolate-dip.html

Coconut oil is anything but “healthy”. It’s a saturated fat.


I don’t recall what brand the coconut oil I buy is but it’s organic and it’s around 9 bucks. 13 dollars seems like a lot to me, but hey if its a brand you like then go ahead

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Well, crap. I was going to guess on a tree. Wrong again. [sigh]


I cancelled all my "subscribe and save ” because subscribing does not lock in the price. My coffee (french market chichory) varys in price from about $5.50 a can to about $17.00 a can on amazon. I just use camelcamelcamel and set a price alert and buy a case at a time.

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Ironically they have this exact cocount oil in my local Costco for $14.99…

Saturated fats are non-toxic and meta-studies are increasingly showing no relationship to heart disease. They increase HDL cholesterol and, while they increase LDL (the “bad” cholesterol), it tends to be in the large fluffy variety which is unrelated to heart disease. Even the federal guidelines are backing off from previous claims that saturated fats are unhealthy.

There are fats to fear. Corn oil and other high Omega 6 fats are related to inflammation and heart disease and are the ones to avoid.


Yep. In part because the standard grocery store oils (corn/vegetable/canola) are extracted with chemicals. Chemicals that remain in the oil people eat…

My mother mixes it with FECO and BHO and puts it in gelcaps to treat her COPD since she can’t inhale even vapes.

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this is a fairly common habit, many people use cow-oil also known as “butter”


I honestly wondered how soon someone would post an answer similar to yours. So here’s my take on it: using coconut oil as a spread on ones toast seems to bear less similarity to using butter than it does to using, say, vegetable oil, or even vegetable shortening on ones toast. Which I’m pretty sure most people wouldn’t want to do.

When did it become -punk to have a subscription to a yuppie health craze product?

If we keep using words like this we’re going to run out of meaning.

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I put it on toast. It’s delicious. My favorite morning treat.

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You just described margarine. It’s not to my taste-- I prefer the taste of butter-- but some people like it.