I like Chrome... but I wish it were lighter

I like that chrome basically synchs everything from bookmarks to passwords, has a nice ‘get out of the way without being TOO minimalistic’ feel, and all… but…

On my laptop it’s just a touch heavy even without extensions (It is the gen zero chromebook after all.)

offline tasks with linux work fine within a reasonable definition of ‘tasks’ and ‘fine.’ The problem is the internet bloats into this giant laggy mess.

I do NOT like giving up on working hardware, especially when I can’t afford new.

I have tried midori and firefo and… well. I’m not terribly impressed.

Help me out here. Is there any way to have my cake and eat it too? I doubt it, but figure why not ask.

I am currently using Debian GNU/Linux with the “dwm” window manager and the “surf” web browser.


It is basically just the webkit engine with some keyboard commands. There are no bookmarks, but I have gotten used to typing URL’s by hand. Worst case is usually google.com/search?q=whatever, which is not a big deal.


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