I love sending animated e-cards for minor holidays

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I’ll recommend this site to my mother. Using it will be very on-brand for her.

Ah, internet of 1999. I’m not sure if I miss it, or if I just miss one of the last years when things seemed to be getting better, instead of - gestures vaguely at everything


Hottest insult of 2022 coming up.


Al the kitsch of 1999 with all the trackers and cookies of 2021.


Nah, I prefer squirrel ecards like this instead

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That’s awesome, especially the satisfied giggle at the end. :laughing:

Not sure about the de-boning, though. Is that an euphemism I am unaware of?

autumnal equinox is most certainly not a minor holiday. it is indisputably the most wonderful time of the year.

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Yes, this is why I don’t send this kind of greeting card. It’s bad to get people into the habit of opening unsolicited links to videos.

I have a relative who sends me these kinds of “cards” as emails, which used to feature links to personalized flash videos, and now uses movie files or HTML5 (I don’t even remember at this point). I used to check with the relative to make sure they sent it. But now I just don’t bother to open them at all.

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Animated e-cards can be fun, but they’re a poor substitute for good ol’ physical, analog animated cards:


Friends don’t sign friends up for spam.


With her, there’s usually an euphemism involved

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Receiving an e-card has gone from “Oh, that’s sweet.” to “What sort of phishing attempt is this, not clicking that!”.


The emails sometimes look like spam, but you’ll know if your friend deleted them without checking—123greetings sends you an email whenever your friend opens the e-card.

I suppose that’s one way to check whether Grandma is still alive

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