I love this MSR Alpine kitchen knife

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MSR is one of those companies where you can pretty reliably bet on buying a high quality product that will last. I’ve got cookware, tent, snowshoes, stove and quite a few other bits and pieces from them that all work great.

It’s the kind of stuff would actually make me shop the BB store.

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If you’re looking for disposable kitchen knives, the Boing Boing Store has you covered:


Again, not my style.

I carry a Leatherman Squirt. Pretty much all that I need to cut on a trek is the cheese. Interpret that as you will.

Larry Penberthy, who founded MSR, also helped develop the vitrification process which converts nuclear waste into glass. Which he was working on in his garage (ok, rumor doesn’t check out— it was at an industrial furnace plant) until the EPA shut him down in ‘91?!?!


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I used to buy camping kitchen knives at the dollar store. I’d use them for a season, or part of a season, and then throw them away.

I used to do this as well, but would generally try to at least sharpen them once or twice. These days my camping knives are cheap Chinese ceramic knives (from Banggood.com) and they’re fantastic. I’ve had the current set for almost three years and they’re still razor-sharp. They don’t have any torsional strength and cheap = brittle with ceramic blades, but they seriously hold an edge.

One other problem with the cheap ceramic ones - they have brightly coloured plastic handles and white blades and look like they’re toys. One of my partner’s daughters thought they were “safe” knives and ended up with a deep but clean cut. They are seriously sharp.

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